Saturday, August 7, 2010


 The town board of the Town of Minetto seems to have a problem with this sign which was erected in the park by the river in Minetto last spring. 

Legionnaires wanted to let people know that our American Legion post 486, which was formed shortly after World War I by the local residents, still existed and met regularly at the Minetto Town Hall. 

A few residents objected to the placement of the sign so it was abruptly removed and stored at the town garage last spring. Now our members are seeking to have the sign replaced in its original position. Members have been collecting signatures on a petition to have the sign put back where it was originally. It's about time we started working FOR America, NOT against it.

Many residents were not even aware of the sign and the majority said they had no objection to the placement of the sign. 

The town board meets on Monday August 9th at 7 PM and our members will be present to learn the fate of our American Legion sign. 

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