Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Once again the veterans lose! When a town board votes 5 to 0 against The American Legion, it seems like it's time to replace that board. Many of the founding fathers of Minetto were charter members of this post in Minetto and I'm sure they are rolling over in their graves right now at this affront to their honorable war service.

We just lost a member who was a 64-year member of our post and who also served as town supervisor for Minetto for many years as well as town assessor. Frank Ranous was another town father who was an avid Legionnaire and patriot.

Many others have passed on and we have a small group of veterans still trying to keep our post alive. All we are seeking is a little recognition with a sign indicating that our post is alive and well and that we still meet on a regular basis. Is this asking too much?

These are the personal opinions of a 50-year member of The American Legion who has served as Commander of Post 486 several years, Oswego County Commander and 5th District Commander; still serving on the county committee.

God bless the USA.

Delos Rowlee

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