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Cuppa Joe? Volunteer Serving Coffee
— and Veterans — Since 1950

Lenora Munyon serves coffee and a smile to Veteran Bill Braidwood. 
She has been in the Salvation Army for more than 80 years.

When the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center opened in 1950, Lenora Munyon was quick to volunteer. So quick, in fact, she was the medical center's first volunteer. The amazing part? At 96, Munyon is still volunteering at the Shreveport, LA, facility today.

"It's the blessing of helping others," Munyon explains.

In 1950, Munyon, a social worker for the Salvation Army, was anxious to get the new hospital "up and going to help out the Veterans. Our hearts were always with the Veterans," she said.
When administrators at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center sent out a call for volunteers, they tapped the Salvation Army, one of the biggest community service agencies in the area.
Munyon rounded up a handful of Salvation Army volunteers and under the title of "Ladies Home League," the group of women zestfully began their assigned duty: serving coffee to Veterans and visitors.

Munyon still clearly remembers those days. She talks about the kitchen on the second floor and the huge, gleaming coffee urn on the counter. Once a week, the ladies brewed gallons of coffee and set off on a tour of the wards to visit with patients while handing out the steaming cups to grateful Vets and visitors alike.

"We called it 'charity work' back then," Munyon said. "One of the aims of the Salvation Army is to think of people other than ourselves, and that's just what we did."

Though Munyon is 96, she is still actively involved in the Voluntary Service office at Shreveport. She is the Salvation Army's Deputy Representative to the hospital, making sure there is a weekly team of volunteers to continue the coffee legacy every Thursday and arranging transportation for them to get to the hospital.

Munyon still travels to the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center to attend the quarterly VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) meeting, a gathering of the organizations supporting the programs and Voluntary Service goals for the hospital. She has been a key member of the VAVS committee since 1950.

"All the Vets love Ms. Munyon," says Esther Comb, Voluntary Service Specialist. "She just has a spirit of giving. She's said over and over that Veterans have a special place in her heart."
Munyon, a member of the Salvation Army for more than 80 years, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the medical center in 2000. In 2002, she was selected by the Salvation Army as the National Salvation Army VAVS Representative Volunteer of the Year.

The VAVS certificate of appreciation awarded to Munyon in 1955 for 100 hours of volunteer service now seems almost quaint after sixty years of service.

By now, she is used to recognition. As the hospital's first volunteer, how often is Munyon mentioned in its annual awards ceremony?

"Every year," she says wryly.

And, it seems, many more to come.

April is Children and Youth Month

The American Legion - March 16, 2010

Media Bakery

As Americans, we encounter tribulations on a daily basis that may be related to the environment, crime, unemployment or financial uncertainty. But in the midst of these tribulations, we need to remember our youth. Our future, hopes and dreams rest in their hands.

One of the many ways The American Legion supports youth is through its "April is Children and Youth Month" program. We encourage you to use and support the program's theme, "Children ... Our Most Precious Natural Resource," in the promotion of all your children and youth activities.

Legionnaires, show your support

Support The American Legion's "April Is Children & Youth Month" by sponsoring an event that raises funds to benefit your local Children's Miracle Network hospital. All proceeds raised go directly to the children's hospital to help fund medical care and research.

Children's Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 Children's Miracle Network hospitals nationwide and helps improve the lives of 17 million children each year. Through its continuous efforts to help kids, Children's Miracle Network has raised more than $3.4 billion through countless volunteers, organizations and media partners, who unite with their local children's hospital to save the lives of sick and injured children. In 2010, Children's Miracle Network will provide charity care worth billions, only made possible through the generosity of individuals who help fund these vital services.

Children's Miracle Network partners conduct thousands of special events and grassroots fundraisers year round. For example, corporate partners sell the organization's greatest fundraising tool, Miracle Balloons; radio and television stations broadcast stories of medical miracles; and college students hold dance marathons. These are just a few of the programs generating millions of dollars each year to provide the life-saving care and crucial aid kids need.

The hospitals are on the front lines of research, education and outreach programs to help keep millions of children out of the hospital each year. By supporting a Children's Miracle Network hospital in your community, children of all ages and backgrounds can receive treatment for numerous diseases and injuries, from asthma and broken bones to cancer and heart defects.

For more information, contact:
Americanism/Children and Youth Division
The American Legion
P.O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It’s official: Legion wins Pepsi contest

The people voted and the troops won. PepsiCo has officially announced that The American Legion's Operation Comfort Warriors will be awarded a $250,000 grant from the soft drink giant after finishing first in voting during February's Refresh Everything Project.
Internet voters were able to choose which of 729 competing charities would receive grants of $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $250,000. The top three finishers in the $250,000 category are receiving the grants.

"There are so many people to thank, I don't know where to begin," American Legion National Commander Clarence Hill said. "First, I want to thank Pepsi and its charitable Global Giving Foundation. Then I want to thank The American Legion members, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion members and Legion Riders who supported us by spreading the word and voting. In fact, I want to thank everybody who voted for Operation Comfort Warriors. This was truly a national grassroots effort. Most of all, I want to thank our troops, who go into harm's way for us every day. It is their sacrifice that makes it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms we all share."

Since December 2008, the American Legion family has raised funds for Operation Comfort Warriors, a program dedicated to meeting the needs of wounded military personnel, providing them with comfort items not usually supplied by the government. OCW ensures that patients at U.S. military hospitals and warrior transition units are given items like sweat suits, DVDs, puzzles, electronic devices, books, calling cards and more. The American Legion pays all administrative costs for the program, meaning 100 percent of the donations, including the grant money, will go directly to purchasing items for the troops.

For more on Operation Comfort Warriors, visit www.legion.org/ocw.

Friday, March 26, 2010


The Annual Girls - Boys State Dinner will be held on Sunday, May 16th at Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post 858 in Cleveland, NY on route 49. Delegates are to be present at 5:00 PM for pictures with a roast beef - roast pork dinner to follow at the cost of $10.00 each. Parents are urged to attend with their delegates.

Last year's attendees will give a brief report on their experiences at the session in 2009 to orient the new delegates as to what to expect when they arrive.

Boys State has their own web site that may be visited HERE.


DON'T FORGET! Our huge ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT breakfast on Sunday, April 11th with a full menu of pancake, french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, coffee, milk, juice and more! Great price at only $6.00 for adults. Bring your appetite and leave fulfilled.
Serving starts at 8:00 AM until noon.

The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 418 of Phoenix is presenting spaghetti and meatball dinner for the public on Thursday, April 29th at the post located at 9 Oswego River Road, Phoenix, NY. This will be another ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT affair with Italian bread, butter and special sauce. Come on over and try it. You'll like it! Fair price and huge portions. Proceeds go to the post treasury, serving starts at 5:00 PM.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



2021 Co. Rt. 1
Oswego, NY

JUNE 26, 2010

Starting at 10:00 AM
Hot dog on the turn

Prizes, Green fees & Cart at
OSWEGO, NY 13126
Contact is Jim Recknall

$55.00 per person due at sign-up


Auxiliary Units of Oswego County:

Will you please send me information on the wonderful things you are doing in your unit. I have to give a report at spring conference about what the units are doing. You could bring it to county meeting in April. Spring Conference is May 8th so I need your input by May 1st.

Also I would like to thank Betty Rowlee for everything she did in regards to Girls State and the auxiliary members that conducted the interviews. This year we did things a little differently and except for a few flaws I think it went very well. We have chosen 3 candidates to attend and 3 alternates.

Thank you.
County President, Elaine Johnson

Monday, March 22, 2010


Oswego County Veterans Service Office Director Donna Kestner contributed the following information:

Three new medical conditions have been added to the "presumptive" agent orange list. They are: hairy cell leukemia, Parkinson's disease and ischemic heart disease. Veterans who served in Vietnam (boots on the ground - Vietnam) and have one of these illnesses don't have to prove an association between these conditions and their military service. The other conditions are ---

acute and sub-acute transient peripheral neuropathy
al amyloidosis
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
diabetes mellitus (type 2)
Hodgkin's disease
multiple myeloma
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
porphyria cutanea tarda
prostate cancer
respiratory cancers and soft tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, kaposi's carcoma or mesothelioma).

Also on the list is ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). You can file for benefits for this condition if you served in the military (or certain family members of a deceased veteran). You do not have to have Vietnam service for ALS.

If you suffer from one of these conditions, please make an appointment at your local veterans' agency. Certain surviving family members of a veteran that died from one of these conditions may also be eligible.

HELP! We are looking for relatives of DAVID R. McEWEN - Our office has been contacted by a man in England who found a dog tag and personal item and he would like to make contact with this serviceman's family. We believe his spouse may be Georgia Thompson McEwen. His children's names may be David R., Donald, Berton, Karen Sabin, Patricia Murray, Donna McEwen and Barbara McEwen. If you can help us locate any of these people, please call the Oswego County Veterans' Office at 315-591-9100.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Be in-the-know:

New, Little Used VA Programs 

Aid and Attendance
A little known and little used Veterans Administration program can help low income, disabled veterans receive needed medical, nursing and home healthcare without depleting their savings. The program, known as Aid and Attendance, can be used to pay for adult day care, skilled nursing care and home care. It also can be used to pay a family member other than a spouse to care for the veteran at home. The Aid and Attendance Program began in 1953, but most veterans do not know about it. The program differs from the disability pension provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information, visit the Military.com Web site. Applications can be submitted online through the VA's.VONAPP portal


Pepsi Refresh Everything Project: Continue Voting at Pepsi's Site for Veterans Programs

There is power in the numbers of the American Legion Auxiliary Family. Last month, we played a big role in voting for The American Legion Family's Operation Comfort Warriors in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. Though the official results will not be announced until later this month, Operation Comfort Warriors was in first place to win the Pepsi Challenge grant of $250,000 for the month of February when the voting ended! Thanks to all of our Auxiliary members who voted every day!

This month, another veterans program is competing for the March Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge Grant Project: MyVetwork, a mission-compatible organization whose "Vet Effect" project helps veterans be prepared for today's civilian workforce.

Let's develop the habit of voting each month for good mission-match causes to win a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Everything grant. Vote for MyVetwork today by clicking here.

Set up your Pepsi account today for future polls. Stay tuned - there may be an American Legion Auxiliary project competing for a $250,000 Pepsi grant through this easy online voting program!

ABOUT MyVetwork

MyVetwork is a non-profit community providing innovative, useful and timely guidance for military families to support one another and collaborate on leading successful lives, and the means to find education and/or civilian jobs specifically matched to their personal values, interests, experience.


  • Educate veterans for successful civilian life
  • Educate employers and academic administrators re "Vet Effect"
  • Educate our nation to viewing veterans as valuable asset 

Click here for video


The American Legion - March 12, 2010
Pvt. Daniel Boothe, MCB Camp Pendleton

American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill characterized Thursday's ruling by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional as "a great victory for common sense."

In a separate ruling yesterday, the Court also upheld the use of the national motto "In God We Trust" on coins and currency.

"The American Legion was very critical, in fact outraged, when the same Court ruled in 2002 that the pledge was unconstitutional because of a phrase that has existed in the pledge since 1954," Hill said. "But it is time to give credit where it is due. The Ninth Circuit corrected its earlier mistake and now there is absolutely no reason why schools across the nation should not lead their students in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every day."

The latest ruling answers the call of a resolution unanimously passed by delegates at The American Legion's 90th National Convention in 2008 that stated, "That The American Legion reiterate its continuing support for the Pledge of Allegiance in its current form, voicing opposition to any and all attempts to revise it beyond the version approved by Congress in 1954."

The California atheist who filed the complaint said he would appeal the ruling, a move that would once again put him at odds with The American Legion, which has filed numerous "friend of the court" briefs in support of the pledge.

"While this was an important victory in protecting American values, the pledge isn't the only great American institution under attack," Hill said. "Since 1989 it has been legal to desecrate the flag of the United States. The American Legion calls on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that will allow Congress to protect the flag from desecration. Now that the pledge is legally protected, let's show Old Glory the same respect."

Hill also compared attacks on the pledge to legal attacks being waged by the ACLU and other groups against veterans memorials that they deem "religious."

"During this session the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case dealing with the constitutionality of a cross in the Mojave desert, which was erected as a war memorial," Hill said. "We hope that the U.S. Supreme Court rules that these are symbols of patriotism and not the establishment of a state religion. The vast majority of the American people are not offended by references to God. There is no reason why our legal system should be."


The American Legion - March 17, 2010

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki announced last year his goal of ending veteran homelessness. VA took a step toward helping that cause earlier this week with the launching of its National Call Center for Homeless Veterans, a phone service that links homeless and at-risk veterans, their families and other interested parties to appropriate VA and community-based resources. Callers can speak with trained VA staff personnel at (877) 424-3838, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VA also launched an online Homeless Veterans Chat service, which can be accessed at VA's Homeless Veterans Web page. Homeless Veterans Chat provides an outlet for veterans, their families and friends to go online and anonymously chat with a trained VA counselor. The online feature is intended to reach out to all homeless or at-risk veterans regardless of whether they are enrolled in the VA health-care system.

VA has forecasted a five-year plan to end veteran homelessness, and the call center is one of the first of the plan's initiatives.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Lowville Memorial Post 162 on Dayan St. in Lowville is sponsoring a Dinner for World War II, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans at the Post home (5383 Dayan St.) next to the Lowville Free Library. You do NOT need to belong to any veterans organization. The dinner will be Prime-Rib, vegetable and dessert.

The dinner will be on April 25, 2010 from 1 PM to 4 PM and you may bring one guest.

All that is needed is to call the Post Home at 315-376-3712 and make a reservation.

Last day to make a reservation is APRIL 16, 2010.

God & Country Chairman, Michael E. Michalski


March 17, 2010

Department of NY Auxiliary Membership Chairman Nancy Kurk would like to thank everyone for the tremendous job you are doing on Membership. The Department made the 85% target date before the due date. Truly "Teamwork is the key to our Success". Please take a moment to congratulate your "Worker Bees" for the fine job they are doing.

We are close to the end but not at 100% yet. Let us continue to encourage and inspire our Bees to come to the hive with postcards, phone calls and a message of welcome to our Unit meetings.

Example Post Card:


We are concerned you haven't paid your dues for this year. Your membership is important to carry on our mission of "Service not Self", to our veterans, youth and community. We have our meetings on __________________at the _____________________. Please send your dues to ___________________. If you are having a hardship at this time, please take a moment to notify me at ___________________________.

For God and Country,

You may use this as an example for the card. Post cards are less expensive, but a "thinking of you" greeting care might be nicer if your Unit can afford the expense.

Carolyn Farnsworth, 5th District Membership Chairman, 2009-2010



The Oswego County Chaplain Al Breezee is trying to identify all the veterans that are living in nursing homes and assisted living homes in the county. We are trying to obtain this information to set up a schedule to visit them and show them that someone cares for them.

This committee consists of: Jim Jones, Chaplain, Post 915;
Al Breezee, Oswego County Legion Chaplain;
Herb Pelton, Commander, Legion Post 915.

We would like to urge each Post to form a committee to visit these veterans on a regular schedule so they will feel that we care. Please send us a letter listing the forgotten ones.

Please send names and addresses to:
Herb Pelton
613 Little Canada Road
Central Square, NY 13036
Phone is: 315-676-3280

E-mail is: golfclubsetal78@hotmail.com

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The following events are taking place at Horning-Fournier American Legion Post 418 in Phoenix this month:

Wed. March 17th - St. Patrick's Day Dinner from 12 noon until 7:00 PM. The traditional corned beef and cabbage / reuben sandwiches / & more. $7.00 each; $6.00 for seniors. 

Thursday, March 25th - Sons of the American Legion Roast Pork Dinner, an all-you-can-eat affair with take-outs available. Serving starts at 5:00 PM until gone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The regular Oswego County American Legion meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at Hastings-Gorski Post 1128 in Williamstown at 8 PM. 

Please plan on attending. The annual Consolidated Post Report forms will be available and must be returned by May 14, 2010 to be eligible for awards.

Remember to fill out the yellow Children & Youth Post Narrative Report Form completely. This must be done if you are seeking any awards. There are only 5 items to check off and it doesn't take long to do it. Questions? Call 315-592-7093.

The reports are forwarded to the National headquarters and are combined from every post to form a combined report which is presented to the US Congress to show what our American Legion posts are doing for our veterans and their families, and our children and youth. 


Thank you.


The Syracuse VA has announced Charles Robbins Associates (CRA), Arlington, Va., has been awarded the new contract to operate the Oswego County VA Outpatient Clinic for the next four years. 

As a result, effective June 1, the clinic will move from its current location, the Seneca Hill Health Services Center on County Route 45A, Volney, to the new location inside the Shopping Plaza on 445 State Route 104 East, Oswego, adjacent to Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. The clinic currently serves 1,700 veterans.

CRA is a veteran-owned health service company, operated by Charles H. Robbins (Korean and Vietnam War veteran) and son, Charles Robbins Jr. CRA operates multiple Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) facilities across the United States and is dedicated and committed to serving veterans' primary care needs. CRA operates six fully compliant and successful CBOC facilities in New York state.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Emily's Post (politicsdaily.com)
March 11, 2010
'Brothers At War' Documentary
Explores Iraq's Impact On A Family
By Emily Miller, Columnist

The D.C. screening of "Brothers at War" Wednesday night brought the mostly military crowd to thunderous applause and to tears.

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey introduced the movie as "a story about a great American family . . . a great Army family. It portrays not only the sacrifices that the men and women in our armed forces make, but it also ties into the impact on the families, and that is less well known."

In the documentary film, director Jake Rademacher follows the lives of his brothers Isaac and Joe, who have served repeated tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rademacher made two trips to Iraq, a total of almost six months, to record what Isaac did on a daily basis at the forward operating base.

Rademacher records life inside a Humvee in the 120-degree Iraqi desert. He also takes his cameras on patrols and captures a sniper shooting as well as a horrific ambush of an Iraqi military patrol. The Iraqi soldiers suffered severe wounds, but back at the base, a U.S. military adviser delivered a moving speech to them about how bravely and professionally they performed, and many in the audience found it hard to keep from welling up.

The movie is about the bonds of brothers – blood brothers, and the brotherhood of soldiers in war – as well as sacrifice. As one young soldier in the middle of the desert tells Rademacher: "I'd give my life for America any day. Wouldn't think twice."

The film also documents the impact of the brothers' service on their families. "All I want is to do is hug my daughter, but the reality is she might not let me because she doesn't remember me," Isaac says on a plane returning to the United States for more training. "I need to reacquaint myself with my daughter."

Gen. Casey told the audience: "It's clear to us that our families are increasingly the ones that are sacrificing so that the men and women of armed forces can do what it is they are doing to keep this country great."

Cindy McCain, wife of Vietnam veteran and former POW Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), co-hosted the event with the USO. When I asked her why she supported this movie so strongly, she said: "I met Jake when my son [Jimmy] was in Iraq the first time. As a mom, I had no idea what he was doing, and I saw the movie and I could understand."

McCain also said she's a "blue star mom," and the film helps the public understand what it's like "to be a mom with a son deployed."

Mrs. McCain introduced her husband, who told the crowd: "It is my wish that every American family would have the opportunity to see this film."

The film's message is not anti-war, which some speculated was the reason Rademacher initially could not find any Hollywood bigwigs to finance it. Eventually, actor Gary Sinese and producer Norman Powell signed on. Looking at Jake Rademacher, Cindy McCain said, "Now we have someone in Hollywood who gets it." In remarks after the screening, Rademacher said that the film's success -- "In four weeks' release, it's already outsold all the other war docs from the last four years" -- is a way to "change Hollywood, to wake them up to the type of movies you want to see.

View trailer - just click here

The Rademachers have served seven tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Gen. Casey told the audience. "That's a huge sacrifice and commitment for one family to make. And I just found out tonight that the youngest daughter Hanna has just enlisted in the Army and reports for basic training in April."

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Wm. S. Monaghan Auxiliary Unit 268 at West 4th and Bridge Streets in Oswego, NY is planning several meals in the coming months. 

On Saturday March 27th there is a homemade MEATLOAF DINNER, complete with all the trimmings. Serving starts at 3 PM to 6 PM so come on down and enjoy!

SORRY! The deluscious meal of scalloped potatoes and ham has been postponed until a later date....

The auxiliary is raising money to purchase a new furnace for the upstairs meeting room and hall. The one they have is very old and needs replacing badly. Let's support them in their fund-raising efforts. It pays to help each other out and if you help them, maybe someday they will help you also.

Another event in the future will be their Yard Sale on Saturday April 24th. Watch for more information on this one.

On Sunday April 18th, the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 268, Oswego, will be having a Chicken BBQ from 1 PM until sold out. Menu includes chicken, salt potatoes, beans and roll all for $8.00. Take-outs will be available. Will deliver; call 342-4927.

Symptoms of Corrupting Sickness

The lady in the picture is the mother of an American that was ambushed in Fallujah , Iraq . Her son was murdered. His body was dragged around in the streets of the city, then burned and hung from the upper trusses of a bridge. The murderers gathered to celebrate and have their photos taken with the trophy.

The young sailor in the picture is one of the Navy SEALs that later captured the leader of the band of terrorist butchers and brought him to justice.

If the story ended there, it would still be an acceptable feel-good, good-guys-win story. Unfortunately, that's not the case - this Navy SEAL is facing criminal charges.

Because, somewhere along the timeline of his capture, the terrorist murderer suffered a school-yard fat lip, his captors are now being charged with nothing short of war crimes and facing discharge and imprisonment.

So, instead of celebration of justice served and heroes honored, these photos record betrayal, compounded mourning and the effects of a corrupting sickness.

From WAVY.Com 

The mother of slain Blackwater guard Jerry Zovko drove from Ohio to give each of the accused SEALs a blessed rosary and lend them her support. "These young SEALs are in this situation because they caught the mastermind behind the death of my son, and not only my son and his co-workers but also the marines who went into Fallujah after their death," said Donna Zovko. "I am very proud of these young SEALs and thankful to them. They did not do anything wrong."

May I ramble a bit? Think out loud, so to speak? I'm trying to make some sense of this. What title can I give to the mentality of a people that send their best to defend the whole and then betray them? To what shall I attribute the attitude of a people that habitually prosecute their heroes while defending their enemies? What creates a culture that allows people to vilify and isolate their most noble and deify their most corrupt?

I perceive more symptoms of a sickness, a corruption of the nation's heart and soul. I am tempted to label it 'liberalism' or 'progressivism', but those too are just symptoms of the infection. But this is nothing new, I recognized these symptoms four decades ago in the shameful treatment of our warriors returning from Vietnam, in the acceptance of Marines bombed in Beirut, in the ho-hum yawn of media coverage of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down), in the return to mental numbness after 9/11, prosecution of the Marines of Haditha, assault of recruiters across the country, anti-war protesters at the gates of Walter Reed Army Hospital...

This sickness, this infection has gone untreated for far too long. Americans are a tolerant bunch. We've patiently waited for the ingrates among us to grow up and develop a sense of pride and awe in the greatness of America . It's not happening.

I'm tired of waiting. I'm fresh out of tolerance. There comes a time when the treatment for an infection cannot be postponed any longer, lest the patient die. Through history how many nations have habitually betrayed their defenders and survived?

Donna and I left our home at 4:00am, Monday morning and drove to Norfolk . We were in the company of four other patriots from the Raleigh area:
  Don Gray of Military Appreciation Day and NC Gathering of Eagles.
Patrick Holbrook, NC Gathering of Eagles.
Russell Pope, NCFreedom.us
Randy Dye, Randy's Right Blog and NCFreedom.us

We joined a hundred or more others at Gate 5 of the Norfolk Naval Base to demonstrate support for Navy SEAL Mathew McCabe.

Here are my photos.

Above: I met the SEAL's father, Marty McCabe.

After the arraignment hearings, McCabe came out to meet his supporters.

Thanks to Pat, Don, Randy and Russ for riding with us.
Thanks to Russ and Randy for photos.

And Thank You Mathew McCabe
for your service to our country.


Please note: There has been a change in the menu for the National Commander's dinner on April 14, 2010. The menu will be: 1. Chicken Cordon Bleu OR 2. Yankee Pot Roast. Please state your choice when mailing your reservation with $30.00 each made out to: 


and mailed to: 

Michelle King
325 Wainwright Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13208

Reservations must be received BY April 7, 2010. No reservations will be accepted after that date.

Questions? Call Gary Wilcox, Visitation Chairman at (315) 437-2692.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK, Veterans Press 1

The Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has founded a national suicide prevention hotline to ensure veterans in emotional crisis have free, 24/7 access to trained counselors. To operate the Veterans Hotline, the VA partnered with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Veterans can call the Lifeline number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), and press "1" to be routed to the Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotl

Click below to view VA national suicide prevention lifeline web site.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


PEPSI COLA GRANT UPDATE and other latest updates:

1. OCW and Pepsi Grant Competition
        Operation Comfort Warriors has been named the Number 1 Finalist for $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh  Everything grant contest. Pepsi is expected to name OCW as a grant recipient on March 22 after the  paperwork is certified. If certified, OCW will receive $125,000 in late March, and another $125,000 in the  middle of September.

2. Operation Comfort Warriors
             Operation Comfort Warriors has raised $317,454.87 (not including the Pepsi grant) since its inception.

3. “A Pledge to Service” Video
      In conjunction with its debut Tuesday at the Washington Conference, more than 1,500 DVDs have  been distributed including 535 sent to the Legislative Commission staff for distribution to  Congress.  Requests arriving daily with immediate fulfillment.

4. GI Film Festival
      As a result of the Wednesday presentation of your National Commander’s Public Relations Award  to the festival, 80 wounded warriors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center have been invited to  attend the events in May.  Additionally, Washington Times Columnist John Fales (Sgt. Shaft), a  previous recipient of the award himself,  contributed $1,000 on behalf of blinded veterans to help  support the festival.


OSWEGO COUNTY AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY met today in Central Square and had as a guest the 5th District President Charlene Jarvis. They had a good attendance as shown by this picture of the happy group.


Americanism and Children & Youth
Weekly Report to the National Commander
March 4, 2010
Bill Pease, Director – (317) 630-1203

Junior Shooting Sports
20th annual Junior Air Rifle National Championship -- Unofficial qualification round individual and team results will be posted on the Civilian Marksmanship Program Competition Tracker Web Pages @ http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/report_matchResult.cgi?matchID=5060
(Individual) or 
 http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/report_matchResult.cgi?matchID=5062 (Team). 

Oratorical Contest
As of March 2, the names of twenty-six department winners have been submitted.  The remainder of the department finals will be held this coming weekend.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation
Donations to the Child Welfare Foundation from June 1, 2009 to March 4, 2010 total $347,873.91.  Since 1955, the Child Welfare Foundation has awarded over $10 million in grants to benefit children. 
Across the nation we have volunteers working as advocates for the Foundation.  These volunteers are members of the Children’s Action Team or “CATs.” 
To communicate with our “CATs” and to share their success stories the Foundation sends out an enewsletter.  To receive this e-newsletter or sign up as a Children’s Action Team Member contact Bob Caudell or JoEllen Gazvoda at 317-630-1202 or rcaudell@legion.org.

Baseball Program
On line registration has topped 2,000 teams.
World Series permanent site committee will consist of four people – PNC Dave Rehbein; NEC Rich Anderson; Larry Price, Baseball Subcommittee Chairman; and John Hayes, Americanism Commission member (and 25 year Legion coach).  Jim Quinlan will serve as staff liaison. Site visits will take place the latter part of March.
This year’s World Series inspection trip to Spokane, Washington will be held April 24 - 26.

Friday, March 5, 2010



Here is a video that will acquaint you with our candidate for the high office of National Commander of The American Legion, FANG WONG.

Click on the link below for the video:

We should support this past department commander from NY and support his campaign as he seeks this office.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



will visit New York State's Fifth District on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. A dinner in his honor will be held at the Holiday Inn at 441 Electronics Park in Liverpool, NY. Cocktail hour starts at 5:30 PM and seating for dinner will be at 6:30 PM. After opening ceremonies, dinner will start at 7:00 PM. Tickets for the dinner will be $30.00 each. Menu choice is either 1. Chicken Cordon Bleu OR 2. Yankee Pot Roast. Please specify your choice. Payments for the tickets should be made out to:


Checks and reservation slips should be sent to:

Michelle King
325 Wainwright Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13208

Reservations MUST be received by April 7, 2010. NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE.

For those who wish to stay overnight, a block of rooms has been set aside at the Holiday Inn until March 14, 2010. Please contact the hotel directly at (315) 457-1122 to make your reservation. Room will cost $94.00 each. Please have tax-exempt forms with you.

If you have any questions, please contact Gary Wilcox, Visitation Chairman at (315) 437-2692.

We hope you are able to join us to welcome Commander Hill to Central New York.

Each Post should have received this announcement as well as a booster sheet to help defray the costs of this celebration. There will also be ads for the program which must be turned in by April 2, 2010.

Let's support this visitation by our National Commander Clarence Hill.


David DuBois remembers trying to explain his work to a young soldier - a member of the so-called "millennial generation." He told him to check out the Office of Wounded Warrior Care & Transition Policy's Web site. The soldier looked at DuBois and politely explained that Web sites are for old people with enough time to sit down and use a computer.

"The millennial generation is an on-demand society," said DuBois, a former American Legion department commander who now directs wounded-warrior and transition-assistance operations for the Department of Defense. "Seventy percent of millennials sleep with their phones," he explained. "They do not use phones to make phone calls so much anymore."

DuBois and three other military-to-civilian experts told The American Legion Economic Commission on Monday that networking - through electronic social media via cell phones, as the new generation prefers, or in person, as with the Marine for Life program - is critical to help newly discharged veterans restart their lives, especially if they come home with service-connected  disabilities.

"We've got to find a way so that every returning servicemember gets red-carpet networking," said DuBois, a 2001 graduate of American Legion College. "To welcome all of them back, networking is the absolutely critical need."

The panel discussion, coordinated by the Legion's Heroes to Hometowns program during the 50th Washington Conference this week, examined transition assistance from multiple angles, all of which rely on making connections among communities' returning servicemembers.

To read more, go here.


"Heroes to Hometowns" is a transition program for severely injured service members returning home from OEF/OIF. "Heroes to Hometowns" establishes a support network and coordinates resources for those servicemembers. If you are a servicemember or veterans who has been severely injured, please fill out the Heroes to Hometowns assistance request form.

Heroes to Hometowns can provide:

  • A Welcome-home celebration
  • Temporary Financial Assistance
  • Pro-bono financial planning
  • Housing assistance
  • Home and vehicle adaptation
  • Government claims assistance
  • Entertainment options
  • Family support

(If you are not severely injured and are in need of general transition assistance or support, you may also fill out the request form or contact your American Legion department service officer (DSO) or your local American Legion post).

Contact Heroes to Hometowns:

Andrew Tramontana
Assistant Director of DOD Outreach
Heroes to Hometowns: Program Coordinator
Office: (202) 861-2700 ext. 5761

Pentagon Detachment (202) 631-9924

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


MARCH 15-17, 2010 is American Legion birthday.

Another year of service to veterans and their families has passed and as always, our American Legion is as strong as ever. We still have many potential members who have never been asked that simple question: "Do you belong to The American Legion?" Have you asked anyone lately? Do you carry an application blank in your billfold? Be prepared.

Our national commander Clarence Hill believes in using all the tools available to get the information out about The American Legion and its programs. Commander Hill's web site is http://clarencehill.legion.org. The newly designed national web site is http://legion.org. From there, you can view The American Legion on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, flickr, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Most everything is done on computers these days and we must try to keep pace with the latest technology as well. There is a movement under way to allow a member to pay his/her annual membership dues online. How it will work I don't know, but it is in the works. Membership is recorded and tracked online as well as program reports, etc. 

Video is also becoming part of our latest communication tools. Our world is constantly changing and our younger veterans have grown up computer literate; now that is the best way to communicate and let them know about our great programs for them and their families.