Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Calling the information provided inside them The American Legion's "collective voice," National Commander Clarence Hill stressed the importance of filling out Consolidated Post Reports during his closing remarks to the National Executive Committee during the Spring Meetings.

"The American Legion needs these reports when we go before Congress and testify about issues facing our veterans and our active-duty military," Hill said. "These consolidated reports help members of Congress realize just how much The American Legion really does for our veterans and the amount of service we provide in our community. They serve as our collective voice. Full participation is critical for us to provide an accurate picture of our achievements and accomplishments."

"We also need to do better in getting our posts to turn in their Consolidated Post Reports," Hill said. "We had a rate of only 59 percent at the end of last year. That simply isn't good enough.

"So far, I have visited 40 departments and 196 posts. I know that our posts are doing wonderful things in their communities, because I've seen it firsthand."

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