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 The head table for this year's dinner included (from left to right): Oswego County Legion Chaplain Michael Bardin, Oswego County Vice Commander Grover Britton, County Boys State Chairman Shawn Mills, Oswego County Girls State Chairman Betty Rowlee, Oswego County Auxiliary President Elaine Johnson and Oswego County Auxiliary Chaplain Rose Gilbert. (Not shown in this photo was 5th District Vice Commander James Ellis.)

Empire Girls State attendees for 2012 were Jonmarie Fravor (sponsored by Oswego County Auxiliary and Robert Edwards Unit 358, Pulaski); and Molly Downing (sponsored by Prior-Stock Unit 1552, Hannibal)

Photographs were taken before the dinner and I'll get some of them on here as soon as they are processed. David Rowlee took the pictures and is editing them for us. (Below are a couple of pictures that I took myself.) 

Jonmarie Fravor gave a report on her experience at Empire Girls State last year. She was presented with a framed certificate for taking part in the program
Molly Downing was unable to attend but called to explain she had no transportation as her mother had been called in to work. She is going to give her report at a future county auxiliary meeting.

Delegates for the 2013 Empire Girls State session were present with their parents. They are: Jessica Pastus (sponsored by Robert Edwards Unit 358, Pulaski), Kaitlyn A. Crobar (sponsored by Fuller-Taylor Unit 915, Central Square) and Ana Geli (sponsored by Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Unit 858, Cleveland.

Photos of 2013 delegates will be coming soon. 

There were nearly 150 persons at this dinner which consisted of a tossed salad, roast pork w/gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, homemade applesauce and cupcakes for dessert. This fine buffet was prepared and served by the Hastings-Gorski Auxiliary Unit 1128 of Williamstown. 

Will have more photos soon, stand by....


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