Thursday, April 11, 2013


Coos Bay, Oregon.......................

Another Endangered Memorial

This Vietnam Memorial in Coos Bay, Oregon was one of the first to be built in America. It was placed in Mingus Park in 1972 when the war was still going on. This memorial honors those who served in the Vietnam war and should be left untouched regardless of it's religious features. The main objective of the memorial is to be a reminder of the sacrifices made by many in the Vietnam War. 

Whether the land surrounding the memorial is kept by the park or sold to an outsider, we urge you to leave the Vietnam Memorial in Coos Bay untouched, and in it's original form. 

The Vietnam memorial in Coos Bay is part of history. With a cross on it or not, it represents ALL Vietnam Veterans from across America. This Vietnam Memorial in Oregon is one of the first in America as the wall in Washington D.C. was not built until the early 1980s. 

The memorial is currently being threatened by a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation who believes that the memorial should be removed because the top bears a religious cross. Despite the religious context, this memorial is too historically significant to the veterans of Vietnam, as well as to the American people. 

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