Saturday, March 6, 2010


PEPSI COLA GRANT UPDATE and other latest updates:

1. OCW and Pepsi Grant Competition
        Operation Comfort Warriors has been named the Number 1 Finalist for $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh  Everything grant contest. Pepsi is expected to name OCW as a grant recipient on March 22 after the  paperwork is certified. If certified, OCW will receive $125,000 in late March, and another $125,000 in the  middle of September.

2. Operation Comfort Warriors
             Operation Comfort Warriors has raised $317,454.87 (not including the Pepsi grant) since its inception.

3. “A Pledge to Service” Video
      In conjunction with its debut Tuesday at the Washington Conference, more than 1,500 DVDs have  been distributed including 535 sent to the Legislative Commission staff for distribution to  Congress.  Requests arriving daily with immediate fulfillment.

4. GI Film Festival
      As a result of the Wednesday presentation of your National Commander’s Public Relations Award  to the festival, 80 wounded warriors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center have been invited to  attend the events in May.  Additionally, Washington Times Columnist John Fales (Sgt. Shaft), a  previous recipient of the award himself,  contributed $1,000 on behalf of blinded veterans to help  support the festival.

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