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Thursday, March 18, 2010


March 17, 2010

Department of NY Auxiliary Membership Chairman Nancy Kurk would like to thank everyone for the tremendous job you are doing on Membership. The Department made the 85% target date before the due date. Truly "Teamwork is the key to our Success". Please take a moment to congratulate your "Worker Bees" for the fine job they are doing.

We are close to the end but not at 100% yet. Let us continue to encourage and inspire our Bees to come to the hive with postcards, phone calls and a message of welcome to our Unit meetings.

Example Post Card:


We are concerned you haven't paid your dues for this year. Your membership is important to carry on our mission of "Service not Self", to our veterans, youth and community. We have our meetings on __________________at the _____________________. Please send your dues to ___________________. If you are having a hardship at this time, please take a moment to notify me at ___________________________.

For God and Country,

You may use this as an example for the card. Post cards are less expensive, but a "thinking of you" greeting care might be nicer if your Unit can afford the expense.

Carolyn Farnsworth, 5th District Membership Chairman, 2009-2010