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Monday, October 10, 2011


Fall Colors on the way to Lowville


The 5trh District meeting of The American Legion was held at Lowville Fire Hall in Lowville at 2:00 PM. We had 4 representatives from Oswego County which included the 5th District Sergeant-At-Arms James Ellis. The other three attendees were all past 5th District Commanders: David Walker, Tom Brown and Delos Rowlee. 

Jim was at the door for county sign-in and raffle ticket sales. There was a pretty good turn-out for the beautiful fall day and temps in the 70's or more with not a cloud in the sky.

Ken Hurst and Bob Albro from Liverpool Post 188 signed in as others awaited their turns.
Some district directories were handed out but they ran out before even the past district commanders had a copy. This seems to happen every year lately and must be due to the limited number of booklets they make up. Just the information that each county should have and yet they can't print up enough to go around. It's not that the district is broke!!! They have the money!!! (P.S. This is my personal opinion and since I deal with information all the time, I get somewhat perturbed when this happens time and time again. Delos Rowlee)

One bright note on the meeting was that each chairman gave their report from the dais with the microphone so they could be heard and seen which is a big PLUS! This was brought up at the organizational meeting earlier. 

There were some guest speakers at the beginning of the meeting. Sandra Crain, VAVS chairman at the Syracuse VA Hospital; Jayne Fust, chairman of the Holiday Gift Shop at the VA Hospital. There was one other guest speaker. 

The VAVS is always looking for donations of time and/or money for their programs and the Holiday Gift Shop is a very popular program at the VA where patients may pick out gifts for their families and they are packed and shipped to their families at no charge. The American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion pay all the postage. So it is very important to keep this program funded to operate smoothly.

Volunteers are sought for Sunday, December 4, Monday December 5, and Tuesday December 6 from 8 AM until all are served. There is coffee and donuts for volunteers as well as lunch vouchers on Monday and Tuesday for all volunteers. Please plan on helping out with this worthy program. 

Windmills along Route 177 on the way to Lowville, NY

Fall Colors new Lowville on Route 177

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Cuppa Joe? Volunteer Serving Coffee
— and Veterans — Since 1950

Lenora Munyon serves coffee and a smile to Veteran Bill Braidwood. 
She has been in the Salvation Army for more than 80 years.

When the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center opened in 1950, Lenora Munyon was quick to volunteer. So quick, in fact, she was the medical center's first volunteer. The amazing part? At 96, Munyon is still volunteering at the Shreveport, LA, facility today.

"It's the blessing of helping others," Munyon explains.

In 1950, Munyon, a social worker for the Salvation Army, was anxious to get the new hospital "up and going to help out the Veterans. Our hearts were always with the Veterans," she said.
When administrators at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center sent out a call for volunteers, they tapped the Salvation Army, one of the biggest community service agencies in the area.
Munyon rounded up a handful of Salvation Army volunteers and under the title of "Ladies Home League," the group of women zestfully began their assigned duty: serving coffee to Veterans and visitors.

Munyon still clearly remembers those days. She talks about the kitchen on the second floor and the huge, gleaming coffee urn on the counter. Once a week, the ladies brewed gallons of coffee and set off on a tour of the wards to visit with patients while handing out the steaming cups to grateful Vets and visitors alike.

"We called it 'charity work' back then," Munyon said. "One of the aims of the Salvation Army is to think of people other than ourselves, and that's just what we did."

Though Munyon is 96, she is still actively involved in the Voluntary Service office at Shreveport. She is the Salvation Army's Deputy Representative to the hospital, making sure there is a weekly team of volunteers to continue the coffee legacy every Thursday and arranging transportation for them to get to the hospital.

Munyon still travels to the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center to attend the quarterly VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) meeting, a gathering of the organizations supporting the programs and Voluntary Service goals for the hospital. She has been a key member of the VAVS committee since 1950.

"All the Vets love Ms. Munyon," says Esther Comb, Voluntary Service Specialist. "She just has a spirit of giving. She's said over and over that Veterans have a special place in her heart."
Munyon, a member of the Salvation Army for more than 80 years, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the medical center in 2000. In 2002, she was selected by the Salvation Army as the National Salvation Army VAVS Representative Volunteer of the Year.

The VAVS certificate of appreciation awarded to Munyon in 1955 for 100 hours of volunteer service now seems almost quaint after sixty years of service.

By now, she is used to recognition. As the hospital's first volunteer, how often is Munyon mentioned in its annual awards ceremony?

"Every year," she says wryly.

And, it seems, many more to come.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Volunteers send veterans a message

Syracuse Post Standard, Syracuse, NY
January 25, 2010

To the editor:

Proud American military men and women are serving and sacrificing for freedom around the world. Many veterans are coming to the Department of Veterans Affairs with specific needs and challenges that require the hearts and hands of VA volunteers.

The Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center invites citizens young and old to join us in honoring our veterans and learning more about volunteer programs during the National Salute to Veteran Patients Feb. 8-14.

You can join our volunteer program or find out more during National Salute week. Our VA volunteers remind veterans every day that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Every citizen can make a positive difference in the life of a veteran patient. Visits from community groups do much to lift the spirits of our patients. I invite every member of our community to participate in some way. Call our Voluntary Service office at 315-425-4317 to schedule a visit and learn how to jion the VA’s National Salute to Veteran Patients.

Robert Hawes, manager
VA Voluntary Service
Syracuse VA Medical Center