Tuesday, February 2, 2010


April Is Children And Youth Month
What better way to show your support than to sponsor an event to
 benefit local sick and injured children?

 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals have joined with the Legion to
 provide CMN Balloon Icon kits to help raise money to benefit your local
 children's hospital.

 Each kit includes:
 200 6-inch generic balloons (CMN logo)                1 poster
 1 goal chart                                                                1 campaign smart sheet
 1 market contact sheet                                             1 Children's Miracle Network DVD
 1 DVD flyer with commander message                  1 Guidebook
 1 envelope with sticker

 The goal is simple:  Sell all 200 balloons and raise $200 to benefit ill
 and injured children from your community.

 How do I order a balloon campaign kit?

 To order go to http://www.miracleballoons.org and enter promotion code

Order a kit for your Legion. I did.   Thanks.
John Konkol Dept. C&Y Chairman.

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