Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Membership is a CONTACT SPORT, and there is only one way to Win, and that is to jump in with both feet and make a Difference!  There are many ways to increase your Membership, and listed below are just a few ideas for you to engage your membership team in a contact sport. JUST ASK!

Look for a Blue Star Banner in the windows of homes.

Contact the Veterans Affairs office in your area, and ask to display Legion Benefits and Applications on their display table.( They cannot give you the names of the Veterans, however they will more than likely display your flyers ).

Local tax records will list the Veterans with a  tax exemption, ask them!

Most Prisons Guards and law enforcement officers are Veterans.

DMS list by zip codes are available from Cassi at Department.  

If you sign up a new member, more than likely their friends are Veterans also, JUST ASK.

Your Post roster, has the list of delinquent members, share this with your membership team and make personal contacts to renew and reinstate those members.

Keep membership in the fore front of every members mind; at every District, County and Post meeting, set a time period aside to discuss the positive points of Membership. Show examples of how to acquire a new member, we have all been there!

Continue having membership workshops; the year is not over, on the contrary, our work is just beginning!

Work with your Auxiliary And SAL members to increase their membership, NUMBERS COUNT! And they will help you also, JUST ASK!

Our next Target Date is March 10th, please have all of your transmittals into Department by Monday March 8th!!!
Good Luck and God Bless
For the Good of the American Legion and our Membership, Always, W. Michael (Mick) Bowen DMC

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