Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Just Ask"

 Legionnaire Dan Dellinger, the leading candidate for 2013-2014 national commander, is taking a "just ask" approach to membership. (American Legion file photo)

Legionnaires who recruit 50 or more new members (transfers do not count) into The American Legion by the May membership target date qualify for The American Legion’s elite Gold Brigade Award. During the National Membership Workshop today, Daniel Dellinger asked all Gold Brigade recipients to rise for recognition.

Dellinger, a 32-year member of Post 180 in Vienna, Va., and leading candidate for 2013-2014 national commander, is a Gold Brigader.

“How did we become a Gold Brigader? We did it all by just asking,” Dellinger said. “’Just Ask’ was the theme we (National Membership & Post Activities Committee) had back in 2001-2002, and in both years we had positive (membership) growth. It was a team effort because everybody bought into ‘Just Ask.’ And we can do it again.

“I promise you we will work hard together as a team this year to ensure that our membership goes up, and we have the best year ever for The American Legion.”

Dellinger’s professional background is in construction, and if he’s elected to the Legion’s top position during the upcoming national convention in Houston, his slogan will be “Building for Tomorrow-Today.”

“I build things, and that’s what I want to do this year,” he said. “Every department has a five-year membership plan, and now it’s time to start building upon those plans.”

After discussing his slogan, Dellinger asked all district and county commanders to rise. “You are the key to our success this year because you are the intermediate step between our posts and your departments,” he said. “The information you get from up above has to be disseminated down. It’s your responsibility.”

While speaking to district and county commanders, Dellinger also said that if elected, he will focus on revitalization efforts and Consolidated Post Reports. To date, only about 57 percent of Consolidated Post Reports are being submitted; Dellinger is tasking commander’s to get to 100 percent.

“This year will be your legacy,” Dellinger said. “What will your legacy be? I know you will do the best that you possibly can because our veterans and our communities depend upon us because we still serve America.

“And I promise you, if elected in Houston, that I will work as hard as I can to assist each and every one of you so you can have the greatest year you’ve ever had.” 

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