Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Subject: scam in Kansas -- 
could apply elsewhere


I just discovered that there is an active scam on veteran payments. One of the residents here at Ft. Dodge approached me about a text message they received from the “VA” asking them to call a toll free number and confirm their bank account information. The veteran called them and was told that there is a problem processing their payment…could you please provide your account information. Luckily the veteran said no and that he did not have that information available which is why he came to my office. I told him the VA doesn’t do that.

I contacted Muskogee (Direct Deposit Enrollment Center) and they confirmed that they were experiencing that same problem since early Monday. Veterans and spouses had been giving their information over the phone to whoever this is and I’m assuming that they are stopping payment on these accounts until a new account is established. I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know that this is active and to tell your veterans that the VA does not text anyone, nor do they request banking information over the phone!!! This is one very important reason why veterans need to contact us whenever there is any kind of correspondence with the VA.

I also assume that this is because of the VA’s effort to get all veterans enrolled in direct deposit, so please be aware.

Ronald W Friess
Veterans Services Representative
Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs
714 Sheridan, Unit 68
Ft. Dodge, KS 67843
Office: 620-225-4041

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