Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Vandalized

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalized


Tuesday, Liberty Institute attorneys visited Coos Bay, Oregon, to deliver a report and recommendation on the constitutionality of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial that has stood for 41 years in Mingus Park. Upon arriving, our attorneys received the unfortunate news that the memorial – honoring those who bravely served our country – had been vandalized.

A perforation line was drawn at the base of the Memorial’s cross with the word “cut” written above it and an arrow pointing to the line. The word “remove” was written in the middle of the cross.

According to several news reports, local police said they were alerted to the vandalism Monday morning, but no suspects have been identified.
Earlier this year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to Coos Bay city officials demanding the removal of the Memorial’s cross, claiming it violates “separation of church and state.”

The city retained Liberty Institute to conduct an investigation and make a report and recommendation regarding the constitutionality of the memorial, which was presented to the City Council in executive session on Tuesday.

The Coos Bay Vietnam Veterans Memorial joins a long list of veterans memorials under attack by aggressive groups like FFRF, the ACLU and the American Humanist Association.

It is also not the first memorial to be vandalized because of its religious content.

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