Saturday, May 11, 2013


Please read and look at these videos of the latest American Legion Oratorical winners:

Missouri youth named 76th Oratorical champion 

Agnes Rieger of Kansas City, Mo., was crowned the 2013 champion of The American Legion’s 76th High School Oratorical Scholarship Program, "A Constitutional Speech Contest," April 21 in Indianapolis. Rieger’s winning oration, “Let’s Talk About Pennsylvania,”  
earned her first place and an $18,000 scholarship. She was sponsored by Legion Post 95.

The finalists
Second place went to Elizabeth Scannell of Goose Creek, S.C., who was sponsored by Legion Post 166, and earned a $16,000 scholarship for her oration, “The Constitution: An American Position Description.”  And third place was awarded to Rachel Schartz of Humboldt, S.D., who was sponsored by Legion Post 62 and earned a $14,000 scholarship for her oration, “Sewing Freedom.”

Rieger, a 2012 Missouri Girls State alum, said “I always respected it (the Constitution), but I never had such a keen appreciation of what we have, until this competition. “This competition has helped me raise awareness (about the Constitution) and speak to my peers about what I’m doing.”
Her oration title was inspired from a history class project in which she and her fellow peers were asked to discuss the Constitution and their obligations as citizens. Instead, “we spoke about how Pennsylvania was misspelled” in the nation’s founding document; it is spelled with one "n." This lack of appreciation and knowledge on the Constitution was not only the inspiration for Rieger’s oration, but also the reason for her encouraging American’s nationwide to study the Constitution because if American’s don’t know the Constitution, “we leave our government in the hands of others, and we exclude ourselves from developing the future of our great nation," she said.

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