Friday, August 10, 2012

Highlights of the 94th
American Legion Convention
at Rochester, NY
July 19, 2012


Eli M. Reichner of Spring Valley was named the New York Legion Eagle Scout of the Year. Scouting Chairman Carl Griffith pointed to the scout's merit badge sash, covered with 129 badges.

When he first got involved in Scouting at the age of 11, Reichner told the convention, he set a goal to earn every merit badge. He managed to do just that, earning the last one just a few days before turning 18. "About five weeks before my 18th birthday, the Boy Scouts added a new merit badge in welding." A legionnaire who was a welder "came to my rescue" and taught him the welding skills he needed to earn his 129th badge.

"On this quest," he said, "I discovered the value of commitment and the power of an encouraging word."


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