Sunday, December 13, 2009


Congratulations again!, the Dept of NY Membership team(All of You), are continuing to achieve your quota's and goals at a record pace. We reached our goal with room to spare, with a 76.785%. and we are in 26th place in the National standings. Great Job!

To maintain this speed we will need to have every post in your County and District on the same page. Please, the secret to success is to help everyone reach their potential and goal. Your experience in membership should be giving freely to those post in need, and with your guidance they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we reach our ultimate goal of a 100% membership in our Department. I believe that all of us have the ability and the desire to be all that we can be; let us work together and succeed.

Our next target date is JANUARY 13TH, just before our Mid Winter Conference. Our goal is 80%, however let's join forces and reach 85% by January 13th and be ahead of our goal. We all know that we can do it, So lets just do it!

I Thank all of you for your dedication to our membership and the American Legion.

For the Good of the American Legion,
W. Michael(Mike) Bowen
Dept. Membership Chairman

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