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USA Patriotism! recognizes David Griffith for his noble patriotic efforts!

David Griffith was severely wounded in Vietnam while serving his country with the Marines  and now must rely on his wheelchair and walker for his mobility . . . and a computer terminal for his window on the world.

So, in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, David Griffith, ignoring his ongoing pain, started a patriotic tribute at his site,  pouring out his love of country every day that includes writing poetry all intended to lift up our brave troops, encourage all Americans, and preventing our troops  from being forgotten or scorned as was done  during the Vietnam War.
Recently, from the confines of his home as a shut-in, he organized his fellow senior citizens having his medical attendant deliver them to the local post office for mailing at his own expense.
Moreover, David Griffith currently keeps in contact  (by email and mail) with over 150 Marines in Iraq from his bedroom desk every month. His reply to why is . . . "I don't want these kids coming home to a cold and unforgiving country this time like we did from Vietnam."  (His reason should ring true to all Americans.)

And while three bullet wounds in Vietnam ended David Griffith's active Marine role after 11 years and 5 months,. this true American patriot has remained a Marine at heart, breathing his love of the US Marine Corps everyday . . . and wishing that he could have served a full career as a Marine.
Semper Fi ... David Griffith for exemplifying love and pride of America as a Marine and your ongoing noble patriotic efforts!

I have visited this site and have been amazed at the amount of material that is presented here. There are innumerable music videos, NASA videos, personal experiences, etc. Truly a great site to visit and enjoy by all veterans and anyone who is patriotically inclined. Five stars is what I give it.

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