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Join us now and this Veteran's Day for a tribute to the
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall.
A Military Tribute to the more than 50,000 Fallen Warriors
I do not claim any rights to the lyrics or music.
I only sing this fantastic song written by Jamie O'Hara,
In the style of George Jones.

George's version of this awesome song was one of the very first videos
I ever watched here on the tube.
I was so moved by this fantastic song,
and how this great man and legend used music
To support our Brothers and Sisters of Service

I knew right then that I wanted to make the same type of videos.
I come from a long line of Military Veterans
And I am proud to have served in the Navy.
My Brother-in-Law has two children serving now.
A Son and a Daughter.
Check this out, both of them are graduates of West Point!

Well on Oct, 16th after recording the soundtrack for my Veteran's Day video
I wanted to do something special for the footage we would use.
I thought of several locations, like the Fort Custer National Cemetery here in Michigan.

Although that is indeed a worthy site,
the more I thought about it there was really only one place to go.

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington DC.

The idea came to me Friday afternoon, a few hours later we were on our way.

Traveling with my good friend and fellow Navy Veteran Rodney, we were off like the wind.
A mere 15 hours or so later we were there.
We had a tough time navigating through all the busy traffic, construction, and one way streets.
And by the time we found the wall the light was gone, and there we were.

We decided to ride around see the sites, and take a few photos.

What an unbelievable experience. Drove around until about 1 am.

Since we wanted to get up early, we just slept in the car,
This ended up being a little tougher than I remember.

We were at the wall bright and early, and I began to play to get the footage,
Using a small boom box to play the background track,
I actually played, to get a good video.

Several people had gathered around, and I saw the tears on an old fellow Veteran's
face as he stood there and listened. That really moved me.

There was a group of visitors there from Japan. A woman stood close to me
So her friends (about 10 in all) could take her picture.

Then there was a pause, and one of the fella's walked up for a shot.
I thought, what the heck, I stepped closer and put my arm around him.
This was greeted with much laughter and excitement, as I posed there with every single one of them.

It made me feel good to give so much pleasure with such a simple gesture.

We put a lot of effort into this project, and I am very pleased with the results.
Hope you enjoy your visit.

Click here for tribute.

Lyrics to: 50,000 Names on the Wall
by Jamie O'Hara.

There's teddy bear's and high school rings
And old photographs that mama's bring
Of Daddy's with their young boy's
Playing ball

There's combat boots that he used to wear
When he was sent over there
And there's 50,000 names carved in the wall

There's cigarettes and there's cans of beer
And notes that say, I miss you Dear
And children who don't say anything at all.

There's Purple Heart's and packs of gum
Fatherless Daughters and Fatherless Sons
And there's 50,000 names carved in the wall.

They come from all across this land
In pickup trucks and mini vans
Searching for a boy from long ago

They scan the wall and find his name
The tear drops fall like pouring rain
And silently they leave a gift and go

There's Star's of David and Rosary Beads
And crucifix's and figurines
And flowers of all colors large and small

There's a Boy Scout badge and a merit pin
Little American Flags waving in the wind
And there's 50,000 names carved in the wall
And there's 50,000 names carved in the wall

I am very honored to be a participant in the great
Online Veteran's Day Telethon.
This is a huge event, 3rd annual, and will air on the 6th of Nov.
Also again on Veteran's day. The entire program will be recorded to disc
And distributed to our troops in the field.
I have been invited to participate via webcam as well.
I consider this a great honor indeed.

Thank you for the visit, and your time.
Drop by for a howdy, door's always open!

Always ready to meet a new friend.
Have a fantastic day.
Take care.


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