Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Subject: USMC colonel who is right on

Interesting ........if you've got 10 minutes !      

Subject: PLEASE watch this ten minute video

This is a message so on target and so very important it should be made compulsory to be viewed by every American. If you have any love for your freedom, listen to what this USMC Colonel said on February the 9th of 2010. While watching, keep in mind that he media has had a couple of months to report on this speech but have said nothing about it. We, as society, are are being spoon feed information; living in a world where information is filtered. If you are sick, or are tired, or have had a bad day and want to get some sleep ---- Don't do anything until you watch this very short message! And if you are of liberal leaning, you need to listen to what this man has to say at least once a day for a week.


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