Saturday, November 18, 2017



Certificates were presented to 
14 Eagle Scouts in Oswego County.

One Eagle was present to accept his certificate
and tell about his project. 
His mother accompanied him.

Pictured below is NIC STEVENS from Troop 734. 

The other recipients are listed as: 
Troop 715 - Seth Dunn and Troy Rogers; 
Troop 724 - Daniel Donegan, Christopher Suchecki & Maxwell Yonkers; 
Troop 734 - James Kristensen;  
Troop 735 - Kyle Hartman; 
Troop 750 - Austin Wilson and Daniel Knowlton; 
Troop 780 - Evan Salmonsen; 
Troop 888 - Michael Gilbert; 
Troop 3112 - Christian Radziseski and Nathan Tinklepaugh.


The attendance was low this year as noted in the photos below...

There was a beautiful cake provided 
by Fuller-Taylor Post 915 and 
lots of soda for those attending. 
Last year we had the presence of the 5th District American Legion Commander to assist, 
but not this year!

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