Tuesday, January 29, 2013


About Prevent Child Abuse New York:

Since 1980, Prevent Child Abuse New York has inspired parents, policy makers and community members to put the needs of children first. Focusing on community activities and public policies that prioritize prevention right from the start, we strive to create a world where child abuse and neglect never occur.

Through statewide leadership and collaboration, our work ensures the healthy development and prosperity of New York's children, families, and communities.

Contact us: Christine Deyss, Executive Director, 
                    Jenn Dailey, Outreach Director

33 Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207  Phone: 518-445-1273 


At the American Legion Midwinter Conference at Albany, NY, Christine Deyss explained about this group with Children & Youth Department Chairman John Konkol and other C&Y Chairmen from around the state.

She also distributed "Pinwheels for Prevention" to those attending the presentation. For more information, check out their web site and become part of the "Pinwheels for Prevention" campaign. 

Organizations can:

Organize your own Pinwheels campaign by purchasing pinwheels and planting a garden. Pinwheels are a sign of happy, healthy childhoods, the kind that every child deserves.

Host a public event to launch the garden. Invite your local newspaper or send them photos along with a statement of your support. (Ask us for examples.)

Discuss child abuse prevention at your conferences and meetings. (Ask us about speakers.)

Organize a small fundraiser to raise awareness in your community and support the work of Prevent Child Abuse New York and our partners.


We invite you to become a part of the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. Contact Jennifer Dailey at 
518.445.1273 or jdailey.preventchildabuseny.org.    

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