Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Each year on the first week in December, The American Legion Auxiliary presents a "Gift Shop" for Syracuse VA Medical Center patients in the auditorium. This is a completely volunteer project and there is no cost to the patients.

One day is spent loading gifts on carts and taking them from room to room so the veteran patients can shop for themselves and their families. The next day is when veterans can visit the auditorium and "shop" for their gifts for themselves. The third day, patients at the community care center are brought to the auditorium to shop. All gifts are wrapped in Christmas paper, labeled and shipped by the United States Postal Service to the veteran's family. There is never a charge to the veteran or his family for this Christmas "gift."

Gifts range from clothing and toys to kitchen appliances to lava lamps, etc. All these are bought and paid for by donations from the American Legion Auxiliary, The American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion.

The American Legion's motto is "Still Serving America."

Volunteers include: back row - Don Daly, Jayne Fust, Andy Messer,
John Hudzina, Dave Walker, Dave Rowlee, Gino Scaia, Dave Keegan
Front row - Le Carlisle, Heidi Heidenreich, Bev Martin,
Linda Houmiel, Sandy Crain, Betty Rowlee

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