Monday, January 4, 2010



Good Morning Legionnaires!

The new year is upon us and with it, many new opportunities; let us begin with a resolution on membership in the American Legion.

Remember this! " Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible!"

I would like to tell you a Christmas story, a very true Christmas story about a Legionnaire named Mick.

Mick had set his goals high in the membership program, planning on recruiting 50 new members plus for the 2010 membership year.

On Christmas eve he was in a Radio Shack purchasing some last minute gifts; the teller was a middle aged man who looked like he could be a veteran. Mick asked the gentleman if he had ever served in the military, however, the gentleman answered no, but why would you ask? Mick explained his goal for the American Legion, to which the gentleman replied that his Son would be returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq the first week in January. Mick asked the gentleman if he would like his Son to be a member of the American Legion, and of course he said yes. That was number 21!

Every year on Christmas day Mick and his wife deliver meals to the less fortunate from a local veterans organization. Another veteran whom Mick had known for many years was working there, and had on a Marine core belt buckle. Mick asked him what Legion post did he belong to, and he stated that after Korea he only joined the VFW. Mick offered to sign him up in a local Legion post, and he agreed provided the Mick join the Marine Core League Association. That was number 22!

Over the Christmas Holiday season, Mick traveled to New Orleans to visit relatives. At the airport in New Orleans there was a young women with two small children shopping in a gift store, the young mother had an Army Pin on her lapel. Mick asked if she was a Veteran, and she said no, but her husband was just getting of a plane from his recent tour in Afghanistan. And, the rest is history, that was number 23!

Membership is every Legionnaire's job, just ask a Veteran you know or even a stranger, they all want to belong!

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible!"

At our Mid-Winter conference in Albany, there will be a Membership meeting from 7-8 pm Friday evening. Room to be listed in program; you won't want to miss this.

Also, at the closing General Session of the conference, there will be a New Membership Program announced, that will change your post and your thoughts on Membership.

Please be present to receive this important message.

Oh, by the way, say Hi to Mick at the conference, he would be glad to hear your adventures in your membership goals!

For the Good of our Membership and the American Legion, Happy New Year !

W. Michael Bowen, DMC

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