Thursday, November 29, 2012


Your flag purchases have helped put over 10,400 returning military and spouses to work. "Hiring Our Heroes" is a joint initiative of The American Legion and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Legion has helped the U.S. Chamber organize over 300 career fairs across the country, often using Legion posts as sites for the fairs.



Sgt. 1st Class Scott R. Drake, assigned to the 381st Military Police Company, shares some laughs with “Papa Joe,” sergeant-at-arms of the American Legion Rider Chapter 598. Photo by Claudia R. Kennedy, DoMaD Public Affairs.

 Sgt. Patrick T. Minard, assigned to the 387th MP Company, shows off his favorite place mat made by children at a local elementary school. Photo by Claudia R. Kennedy, DoMaD Public Affairs.

 Soldiers of the 381st and the 387th Military Police Companies feast on a large Thanksgiving spread organized by the American Legion Post 598. Photo by Claudia R. Kennedy, DoMaD Public Affairs.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Please watch this short video and consider what Franklin Graham has to say. He is the son of Billy Graham, the evangelist. We really need to return to God and pray for his guidance and help.

Click here to view the video....

This life is all about many people think WE as the PEOPLE should all just give up on America and remain silent and allow the Socialist/Marxist/Communist agenda to be embraced? Because there is little doubt that is what is ahead for this country if we continue on the path that BHO has promised including bigger government, higher taxes and less freedoms.

And how many believe we need to stand up and exercise our first amendment guaranteed rights, for now at least, while we still have them and stand up for smaller government, states rights and the U.S. Constitution?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wednesday, November 21st was the Annual Eagle Scout Awards program of the Oswego County American Legion. There were 22 Eagle Scouts in the county who received this award. There were only 6 scouts present to receive their certificates since many were busy at other venues. 

5th District American Legion Commander William Park was the presenter of the awards with Oswego County Scouting Chairman James Ellis. Below are the pictures of the boys present.

Despite the absence of many county officers including the county commander Fred Waters, vice commanders Grover Britton, Herbert Hawker and David Sturge; as well as sergeant-at-arms Donna Kestner, David Walker presided over the county meeting. As Oswego County Historian, I must apologize for the poor showing of our officers. It casts a very poor image of our Oswego County American Legion.

This is the delicious cake that was provided by Fuller-Taylor Post 915 in Central Square as well as soda and coffee.

   Other scouts presented with certificates were: 
Joshua Dean Williams, Troop 723
Brandon Donald Halstead, Troop 750
Mitchell Carter Jones, Troop 3112
John James Cymbryla, Troop 3112
Douglas Ryan Boyd, Troop 3112
Kyle Benjamin Kemp, Troop 715
Neil Paul Devendorf, Troop 715
Dylan Benjamin Moran, Troop 830
Christopher B. Leavery, Troop 3112
Jonathan T. Mahan, Troop 888
Jacob Fortune, Troop 3112
Jonathan Scherrieble, Troop 825
Michael Chase Haynes, Troop 724
Cody Richardson, Troop 715
Christopher Francis Kane, Troop 724
Zachary Grossman, Troop 709

Scouting chairman James Ellis spoke on the American Legion's early sponsorship of scouting and their singing of "God Bless America" with Kate Smith at their Lake Placid scout camp. 

As a tribute, all present stood and sang "God Bless America" together before adjourning the scouting presentation. Then the scouts, parents, sponsors and audience enjoyed cake and soda. 

The regular county American Legion meeting followed with David Walker acting as commander.  Guests present for the meeting were 5th and 6th District Vice Commander Dale Dingman and 5th District Commander Bill Park who stressed the importance of getting the membership built up again. Oswego County is #52 in the state, let's get going!!!




We pray for the safety and welfare of all our servicemen and service women throughout the world. They are sacrificing their youth for our freedoms and we do appreciate it.

Say a prayer for them today. 

Monday, November 12, 2012