Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Subject: Legion Baseball World Series 
to be carried live on ESPN3

ESPN3 will carry the entire American Legion Baseball World Series.
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Also, post homes might want to show on their big screen TVs.  For those
who don't have cable access to ESPN3, it will be carried as a live
stream on the Internet.  Access through

 INDIANAPOLIS (June 29, 2011) -- ESPN and the Cleveland County American Legion World Series Committee have agreed to a four-year contract, beginning Aug. 12-16, to feature all 15 American Legion Baseball World Series games on ESPN3, the network's live sports broadband network. The games, taking place in Shelby, N.C., will be shown online and on mobile devices to Internet customers with high-speed connections from affiliated service providers.        
     In addition to coverage of the games, ESPN3 also will provide coverage of events associated with the World Series, such as the Legion's salute to military families and Blue Star Banner Day on Aug. 14, and the Ronnie Dunn concert on Aug. 11. The network also will provide coverage of the presentation of a Gold Star Banner to the family of a North Carolina military pilot recently killed while deployed overseas.        

     "We are extremely pleased that the Legion baseball committee in Shelby, N.C., has reached this agreement with ESPN3 which will allow hundreds of thousands of fans - maybe even millions of fans - to enjoy watching The American Legion Baseball World Series," said Jimmie L. Foster, national commander of The American Legion. "The people of Shelby, ‘The Home of The American Legion Baseball World Series,' have done everything possible to make this a great and memorable event for those who can attend. Now they have made it possible for all of America to watch these fantastic young athletes in action."

About is ESPN's live sports broadband network, a 24/7online destination that delivers thousands of live, global sports events annually. It is currently available in approximately 70 million homes at no additional cost to fans who receive their high-speed Internet connection or cable TV video subscription from an affiliated service provider. It is also available at no cost to approximately 21 million U.S. college students and U.S.-based military personnel via computers connected to on-campus educational networks and on-base military networks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Newly elected officers of Homer Russell Smith Post 587 in Fulton, NY were installed recently by past 5th district commander Delos Rowlee. 
A fine luncheon was enjoyed by all prior to the business of the post meeting and installation proceedings.

Pictured above are: seated: Donna Kestner, 1st Vice Commander; Don Patrick, Chaplain; John McGraw, 2nd Vice Commander.

Standing from left: John Votelink, 3rd Vice Commander; Bill Regan, Adjutant; John Young, Commander; Bob Cramer, Treasurer; Norm Lagowski, Service Officer; Jim Weinhold, Youth and Schools Coordinator. At right is Installing Officer Delos Rowlee, a past 5th District Commander and past Oswego County Commander.

Absent from the photo was Joe Cozart who is Sergeant-at-arms for the post.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Commander: ‘Time to begin the recovery’
The American Legion - June 22, 2011

               DoD Photo

President Obama’s Wednesday announcement to begin systematically withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan was welcomed by American Legion National Commander Jimmie L. Foster. However, he said, the withdrawal must be conducted “in a measured and reasoned manner.”

“Our military families have sacrificed on the nation’s behalf for nearly 10 years,” Foster said. “Lives have been irreparably changed. It is time now for our warriors and their families to begin the recovery process.”

Obama told Americans in an address to the nation that the United States can begin force reduction “from a position of strength,” having met or exceeded expectations to neutralize the Taliban and topple al-Qaida. He noted that over half of al-Qaida’s top leadership, including 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, are now dead. U.S. forces have also trained more than 100,000 Afghan troops to protect the country from a return to terrorist control. 

Since Operation Enduring Freedom began in October 2001, more than 1,600 U.S. military personnel have been killed fighting in Afghanistan and another 11,000 have been wounded. Post-traumatic stress among those who have served in the theater is estimated at over 250,000.

Such sacrifices, Foster explained, is the reason the United States must be smart about the withdrawal. “Troop reductions should be driven by accomplishments of the mission and not external pressures, such as the federal budget,” he said. “We owe it to those who served in the war to be certain their sacrifices have not been in vain and that Afghanistan is fully prepared to assume command over its own security and freedom.”

President Obama said 10,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and 30,000 will be out of harm’s way by the summer of 2012. From that point forward, he said, “Our troops will come home at a steady pace.” He said U.S. Armed Forces will be out of Afghanistan by 2014. “We have put al-Qaida on a path to defeat,” Obama said. “We will not relent until the job is done.”

Foster said it is important for President Obama to listen closely to his senior advisers, particularly military leaders in the field, to set the correct pace of force reduction. He said it is vital not only to Afghanistan’s success, but to global security for all peace-loving nations, that Afghan Security Forces are able to demonstrate their ability to ward off al-Qaida and control the Taliban.

Foster agreed with President Obama that those who have served in OEF – and the overall global war on terrorism so far – have succeeded in their efforts to control terrorism and put Afghanistan and Iraq alike on a course toward freedom and democracy. Obama added that “no safe haven” for terrorists will be tolerated by the United States in time to come and that Pakistan will continue to be a focus of his attention to stabilize the region.

“Tonight, we take comfort in knowing the tide of war is receding,” he said.

“For now, the wartime veterans of The American Legion are proud to say well done and welcome home,” Foster said.

President Obama said that the return of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan presents an opportunity to enlist those who have defended America abroad in the effort to rebuild America at home by giving the troops, veterans and their families the care, benefits and opportunities they deserve.

“Now, we must invest in America’s greatest resource – our people,” he said. “It is time to focus on nation-building here at home.”

Friday, June 17, 2011




Adapting to a changing world, Massachusetts integrates portions
of their program to offer some educational opportunities to
both boys and girls.

These videos are from the New Hampshire boys state program. Parent's opinions and the remarks of the participants themselves. Check them out by clicking on

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Tom Brokaw's thoughts on Boys State. Click below to hear his comments. 

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The Ten Tenors

A Military Salute...BEAUTIFUL

 John Rogers, SAL Detachment Commander, 2010-2011

Click on link below for musical tribute....

Jim Troiola, Dept. Commander, 2010-2011

Commander Foster

Normandy invasion remembered