Thursday, November 11, 2010


KISS on USO tour

 Can't think of a better way to observe Veterans Day.  

I always thought Gene Simmons & the band "KISS" were strange, but it seems I have been wrong.
This was filmed in Iraq at a USO tour of a US Marine Base.  Play it and spread it to every single person you know. 

Click to view music video here.

Monday, November 8, 2010


MLB World Series honors Oklahoma players
The American Legion - November 8, 2010

 For Legion Baseball team Midwest City, Okla., “Outlaws” Post 170, Oct. 27 meant more than the opening game of the Major League Baseball World Series in San Francisco. Prior to the San Francisco Giants defeating the Texas Rangers 11-7 at AT&T Park, the Outlaws were recognized in front of 43,000 baseball fans and Major- Leaguers for winning the 2010 American Legion World Series in Spokane, Wash.

The Legion’s relationship with the MLB dates back to 1926 – the year MLB began recognizing the Legion Baseball national championship team prior to Game 1 of the World Series. Since then the recognition has continued, and this year the spotlight was on the Outlaws.

As the team’s players and coaches stood on the field to be honored, Hall of Famer and former Legion player Frank Robinson presented the team with a World Series Champion plaque and even held the championship flag alongside the players. Other former Legion baseball players watched from the sidelines, including Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner and catcher/first baseman Gerald “Buster” Posey.

After the game, the team enjoyed San Francisco’s famous sites such as Fisherman’s Wharf and the cable cars.

Friday, November 5, 2010


 November 4, 2010

Child Welfare Foundation

100% Per Capita Banner Program
The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation is continuing the incentive program for the award year 2010-2011.

Each post, unit, squadron or salon donating at least one dollar for each member during the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation’s award year will receive a beautiful banner/streamer.  The banner/streamer is suitable for display in your meeting room or it may be attached to your organization colors.

For more information or Banner Request Form contact Bob Caudell at or 317-630-1202.

With your help, the Foundation will continue working “for the betterment of all children.”

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NY Commander V. Jim Troiola Visits - Part 3

The evening festivities began with a social hour at 6:00 PM at Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post 858 in Cleveland, NY. Before going inside, there was a beautiful red sunset over Oneida Lake.

The members of the post presented the Department of New York Commander V. James Troiola with a memorial brick engraved with his name and year of service which will be installed in their memorial walk in front of the post home.

Commander Troiola holds his "special" brick.

Inside the post tables were set up with colorful arrangements  and the head table had several floral arrangements as seen in the following pictures.

Legionnaires mingled and chatted as they awaited the dinner proper.

Past District President Betty Rowlee (currently Oswego Co. Membership Chairman) welcomes Karen St. Hilaire from Onondaga County as they discuss membership problems and solutions .

Oswego County Auxiliary President Elaine Johnson at the head table.

One of the honorees of the day was Corky Winn Senior who is a 65-year member of Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post 858 in Cleveland, NY. He was a very active member in the past.

Part of the head table.

Left end of head table.

Auxiliary dignitaries at the head table.

 Commander Rogers described the sons agenda for the year.

County president introduces 5th District President Carolyn Farnsworth.

5th District President Carolyn Farnsworth introduced the Department of NY Auxiliary President Nancy Kurk. 

American Legion Commander Troiola listens as Dept. President Nancy Kurk gives her speech on the programs of the American Legion Auxiliary for the year of 2010 - 2011.

Oswego County Commander Richard Palmer introduces the 5th District Commander Jamie Brassard for the purpose of an introduction.

5th District American Legion Commander Jamie Brassard introduces 5th and 6th District Vice Commander Michael Michalski for the purpose of an introduction.

Department Vice Commander Michalski introduces NY Commander V. James Troiola for his presentation to those attending the dinner.

Department Commander Troiola gives his report on the projects of the American Legion for the coming year.

A plaque was presented to Dept. President Nancy Kurk from Oswego County President Elaine Johnson which read: "All My Friends Are FLAKES!" This brought a great smile to Nancy's face as well as the Department Commander.
Many posts presented checks for the Commander's project which is the National Emergency Fund of The American Legion. Funds are used to help Legionnaires in the case of storms, and other emergencies.

A fine meal was enjoyed by all including ham, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, tossed salad, dessert and beverage. There was plenty of tasty food and everyone thanked the kitchen staff for their fine meal.


National Commander Jimmie L. Foster

Who we celebrate on Veterans Day
By Jimmie L. Foster

On Nov. 11, our country will honor its veterans as it does every year, with parades, ceremonies, speeches and patriotic music.  Schools will welcome us into their classrooms and ask us to tell our stories, and everywhere we go young and old alike will clasp our hands and say, “Thank you for serving.”  We are blessed to live in a grateful nation.

We also live in an incredibly diverse nation.  Our veteran population – just over 23 million and counting – reflects that.  As Americans seek out those in their communities who wore the uniform to recognize them this Veterans Day, they’ll find that women and minorities are serving in the military in greater numbers than ever before.

 According to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, about 2,600,000 living U.S. veterans – 11 percent – are black.  Another 1,824,000 – 8 percent – are women.  Smaller percentages include Hispanics (5.8 percent), Asian/Pacific Islanders (1.5 percent) American Indian/Alaska natives (0.8 percent) and “other” (1.3 percent).  These numbers are always changing, but together, they’re about 29 percent of America’s veterans, or about 6,700,000.  We’re no longer Sgt. Rock’s army.

Addressing The American Legion’s 92nd National Convention in Milwaukee, I expressed my desire to see more of this diversity in our own ranks – not because our organization is a promoter of diversity for diversity’s sake, but because from its inception, the Legion has always maintained that a veteran is a veteran.  From Frank Buckles, the last living World War I veteran, to Dawn Halfaker, who lost an arm in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom and now serves on The American Legion small Business Task Force, we all share a common bond, regardless of our gender or race.

This is not a new development.  Women were welcomed into the Legion before they had the right to vote in the United States.  One of our founders, Hamilton Fish, is probably best known as the commander of the first all-black U.S. combat unit shipped overseas in World War I – the Harlem Hellfighters, who in 191 days of duty at the front didn’t have any men captured or ground lost.  Two of the country’s most prominent civil-rights voices, Earl Dickerson and Corneal Davis, were among the first black veterans to join the newly formed American Legion and organize posts for black soldiers.

If you honorably served our country during wartime, you have a home in the Legion, period.  We know, and cherish, a camaraderie rarely found elsewhere in society – a camaraderie that is colorblind and, increasingly, genderblind.  The oath we swore was the same.  The commitment we made; the discipline we endured; the joy and pride we felt serving something greater than ourselves.

On this Veterans Day, let us thank God for the gift of freedom made possible by those who served our nation with honor, courage and commitment in our armed forces during all wars that enabled so many of them to earn that coveted title of an “American veteran.” 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NY Commander V. Jim Troiola Visits - Part 2

The Fort Brewerton blockhouse was reconstructed recently and holds may antiques and models of sailing ships plus other items. 

Going up the brick walk to the entry.

Guide explains some of the history of the Fort Brewerton Blockhouse to the dignitaries who are visiting our county. Pictured is the guide, 5th District Commander Jamie Brassard, Department of NY American Legion Commander V. James Troiola and the Department Commander's Aide who travels with him on visitations.

National Executive Committeeman Richard Keiser and NY American Legion Photographer Doug Malin examine the antiques inside the blockhouse.

There were several model sailing ships and boats on display.

Hope you enjoyed the brief tour of the Fort Brewerton Blockhouse and the West Monroe Historical Society. After the afternoon of activities, the evening meal and speeches follow. Watch for the next blog.

NY Commander V. Jim Troiola Visits - Part 1

On Monday, November 1st, Department Commander V. James Troiola visited Oswego County with Department Auxiliary President Nancy Kurk and Detachment Commander of the Sons of the American Legion John Rogers. It was a cold, cloudy, gray day but no one complained too much.

Oswego County Commander Richard Palmer and other county officers met Commander Troiola at Fuller-Taylor Post 915 in Central Square at 11:00 AM. The Auxiliary Unit of the Post prepared a delicious luncheon of baked ziti with corn, rolls and dessert. 

Across the road from the post home is an Eagle scout project that is the pride of all the members. Despite a few sprinkles of rain, the group visited the site where a crew is busy installing permanent lighting for the flags.

From the left are 5th District Commander Jamie Brassard from Jefferson County; Herb Pelton, Commander of Fuller-Taylor Post 915, Central Square; Department Commander V. James Troiola; Oswego County Commander Richard Palmer from Parish Post 601 and at the right is John Rogers, the NY State Detachment Commander of the Sons of the American Legion.

Then we motored to the Memorial Wall on the shores of Oneida Lake, a tribute funded by the local American Legion and the VFW which lists the names of all veterans from the area. It is an impressive site. The Cleveland American Legion Post 858 Color Guard was posted at the wall when we arrived from Central Square.

From the wall, we motored back to West Monroe to visit the West Monroe Historical Society housed in an ample building with many antiques and unusual items inside.
Pictured on either side of Department Commander Jim Troiola are the caretakers of the society with 5th District Commander Jamie Brassard standing by. Both persons were knew the history of the items within the museum. It was an interesting tour.

Oswego Co. Aux. President Elaine Johnson

One item of particular interest was a working loom for weaving rag rugs and the state commander was offered a chance to try his hand at weaving a rug. Of course there was not time enough to complete a rug but he did work the loom for a while to see how it worked. Then he held up a completed rug to show what it would have looked like.

An unusual item at the society is a rolled up mural painted on material which has been restored and is a reflection on the agriculture in the local area.

There is a tractor behind the commander on the mural and the driver is a woman.

The wood stove sure gave off some nice heat on this damp, chilly day. Nothing like a warm wood fire.

From the museum we made a short trip to the Fort Brewerton Blockhouse a couple of miles down the road. There were lots of artifacts and antiques there also.