Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October 2010


Sat. Oct. 2: Oswego County Auxiliary meets at Pulaski Congregational Church on Church St. in Pulaski, NY at 10:00 AM sharp. President Elaine Johnson will chair this meeting.

Sat. Oct. 9: HALLOWEEN PARTY at Phoenix Post 418 for special needs children from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Call Sherry at 695-1212 for more info. Donations welcomed.

Sun. Oct. 10: 5th District American Legion meets at Beaver River Post 1663 in Croghan, NY, Lewis County at 2:00 PM. Commander Jamie Brassard will call the meeting to order.

Wed. Oct. 20: Oswego County American Legion meets at New Haven Post 1532, Route 104, New Haven at 8:00 PM. Sponsor is Mexico Post 384. Commander Dick Palmer will preside.

Tue. Oct. 26: Voiture 895 of the 40 et 8 Prom at Hannibal Post 1552 - 8:00 PM. All voyageurs are urged to attend. We need more participation NOW.

Mon. Nov. 1: Department Commander Jim Troiola makes his official visit to Oswego County. Check with your Post for dinner tickets. Social hour at 6:00 PM; dinner at 7:00 PM at Cleveland Post 858, Route 49 in Cleveland. Price is $12.00 each.

Sat. Nov. 6: Oswego County Auxiliary meets at Parish Unit 601, Route 69A, Parish at 10:00 AM. President Elaine Johnson presides.

Sun. Nov. 7: Daylight Savings Time ends. Turn your clacks BACK one hour.

Thu. Nov. 11: Veterans Day

Wed. Nov. 17: Oswego County Legion meets at Central Square Post 915 at 7:00 PM for the Annual Boy Scout Awards presentation. ALL Legionnaires are expected to attend. There will be refreshments for the scouts and parents. Regular county meeting will follow at 8:00 PM with Commander Palmer in charge.

Thu. Nov. 25: Thanksgiving Day 2010.



by Phoenix Sons of the American Legion
on Thursday, September 30, 2010

ALL YOU CAN EAT for just $7.00

4:00 PM until ??
at Phoenix American Legion Post 418

9 Oswego River Road, Phoenix


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Salt Lake Tribune

Traumatized female vets battle to get care
By Matthew D. LaPlante
The last time she saw him alive, he was begging to be saved.

“I don’t want to die,” the soldier pleaded as hospital medics tended to burns all over his body. “Please, don’t let me die!”

Later, when they would meet in her dreams, the soldier wouldn’t say anything at all. And though she wanted to talk to him, she never knew what to say.

“I’d just watch him go about his life — the life he had before he died,” she said.

It has been nearly four years since Marie returned home from the war. She is still haunted by her experiences there.

But the ghosts of those she saw dead and dying in Iraq are only a small part of her distress. Far more painful, she feels, has been the way she has been treated since coming home.

Civilian friends, unable to understand what she went through in Iraq, have distanced themselves from her. Some military comrades have mocked her, sexually harassed her and — when she complained to her superiors — cut her out of her most vital social support network. Government officials, responsible for assessing her psychological wounds, have told her she’s unworthy of compensation.

Nearly a quarter of a million women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Female veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, known as PTSD, at about the same rate as their male counterparts ­— and some studies have suggested that women may be more vulnerable to war-related psychological trauma. But military culture — and a post-military support system designed by men, for men — can make it difficult for women to access the help they need.
So they often suffer alone.

Marie, a junior enlisted woman in her mid-20s, still serves in a Utah-based reserve unit. The Salt Lake Tribune agreed to identify her by her middle name because she fears retribution from military superiors for speaking out.

She mourns for the woman she used to be. But she insists she doesn’t regret her decision to join the military.

“I had the privilege of serving my nation,” she said. “That’s the one thing, maybe the only thing, they can’t take away from me.”

‘If they won’t help me, who will?’ » After offering to spend her off-duty hours helping at Air Force Theater Hospital at Joint Base Balad in northern Iraq, Marie realized hospital work wasn’t for her. But after a boisterous argument with another member of her unit, her commanding officer sent her back to the hospital as punishment.

“He specifically ordered me to work in the emergency room,” she said. “He said it was to remind me of how good I had it.”

Among her duties: Cleaning up the body of an Iraqi soldier mutilated in a bomb attack.

Army Spc. Jennifer Crane

For more on traumatized female veterans, check this out
It is Jennifer's experience.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Past Presidents Dinner

 The Past Presidents Dinner was held Thursday Sept. 16th at Canale's Restaurant in Oswego with 12 Past Presidents in attendance (Mary Ann Trouskie (with her personal chauffeur), Sandy Crain, Dianna Spinner, Elaine Johnson, Betty Rowlee, Lois Pohwat, Sherrie Lovell, Carol Mills, Barb Richards, Ruth Farrell, Helen Day and Rose Gilbert).

 Betty Rowlee, Past County President and Elaine Johnson, 2010-11 Co. President

Sherry Lovell, Pres. Aux. Unit 418 and Carol Mills, Past Pres. Unit 418

Lois Pohwat, Past Oswego Co. President
Oswego Unit 268

 Rose Gilbert, Cleveland Unit 858 and
Dianna Spinner, Parish Unit 601

Mary Anne Trouskie, Central Square Unit 915 and
Helen Day, Past Co. President, Cleveland Unit 858

 From our White Elephant auction we raised $100 to be sent to the new Women's Veterans home. 

Ruth Farrell, President, Hannibal Unit 1552, 
Sandy Crain, Past Oswego Co. President,
Barbara Richards, Past Pres. Hannibal Unit 1552

A good time was had by all and look forward to next year and hope more Past Presidents will attend.


The American Legion wins long fight on behalf of Gold Star parents
Congress awards state veterans home privileges to all parents of fallen warriors

   WASHINGTON (Sept. 21, 2010) – After a decades-long campaign waged by The American Legion and sympathetic advocates, the U.S. Senate last night cleared legislation that will grant state veterans home care privileges to all Gold Star mothers and fathers; parents who have lost sons or daughters during military service.  Heretofore, since the post-Civil War era, only parents who had sacrificed all of their children in service were eligible for veterans’ home residency. The passage by unanimous voice vote followed overwhelming passage of similar legislation at the end of June. 
        “To lose one’s child to the service of our country is the ultimate sacrifice a parent can make,” said Tim Tetz, Director of The American Legion’s Legislative Division. “We owe them much more than a debt of gratitude.  It is heartening to see that Congress is now making an honorable payment on that debt.”
        Tetz, formerly the Executive Director of the Nevada Office of Veterans Services, was among those who urged Senator John Ensign (R-Nev.) to introduce enabling legislation into the Senate making that state one of the prime driving forces behind the move to open veterans’ home care to more Gold Star parents.  Tetz credited Ensign as being “hugely supportive” of the Senate measure. Nevada’s Gary Bermeosolo, Legislative Chairman of the National Association of State Veterans Homes, also offered his thanks by saying “(we) appreciate the efforts of Senator Ensign and Congressman William “Mac” Thornberry of Texas (who introduced the House bill in late January) to correct the inequity created by the onerous definition requiring Gold Star Parents to have lost “all” of their children to wartime service in order to be considered for admission to a state veterans home.  We prayed that they would be successful with their efforts.”
        The American Legion’s effort to honor all Gold Star parents with much deserved care goes back many years. It was a special project of Paul Morin, who served as the Legion’s National Commander in 2006-2007 and was superintendent of a veterans home in his native Massachusetts.  “The contribution of Commander Morin and fellow American Legion movers and shakers in correcting this inequity cannot be overstated,” concluded Mr. Tetz.
        The House and Senate bills will now be presented to a joint conference committee for reconciliation of any differences with the final version to be forwarded President Obama for his signature.