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Sunday, August 7, 2011



Today many Legionnaires who are interested in membership gathered at Arthur W. Butler Post 359 in East Syracuse for an update on the latest techniques and methods of building and maintaining your post membership. 

Oswego County was NOT well represented as only 4 members showed up. Then we wonder why our membership is down!!! It's time to get to work on it!!!

Signing in for membership seminar.

Donald Logan is the 5th and 6th District Vice Commander for the year 2011-2012.

NY Commander MIKE BOWEN with Delos Rowlee, 
Past Fifth District Commander

Oswego County Commander Fred Waters and
Oswego Post 268 Commander Renee Hall sign in.

There was much discussion on the new 'pay on-line' option for paying American Legion dues. There is no doubt that it is the way that most will be paid in the future. Currently, it is an option which many younger members prefer.

Despite confusion of the issue, there are just a few changes to the way memberships are handled. When you receive a notice that your member has paid on-line, you DO NOT SEND IN THE CARD TO DEPARTMENT! They will pick it up from National and the dues money to the Post will be returned via a credit on your membership report. There will be no actual paper check.

The member prints out a 'temporary' membership card which is valid until the Post sends their pre-printed card from National upon receiving notice that the member has paid their dues on-line. 

The Key-Word is:

   P - Preparation. 
      R - Research. 
   I  - Information.
  D - Dialogue. 
  E - Excitement and Enjoyment. 

You may contact Cassie at department (1-800-332-6632) and ask her to send you the list of CURRENT paid members of Post One for your county. You will NOT need zipcodes. The list iincludes zip codes that border your county. She can send this e-mail in an excel spread sheet.

This can be a great tool for your Post to generate prospective members. If they have already paid their dues in Post One, then there is a high possibility that they may be willing to transfer into your local post. Just contact them and talk with them, let them know what your Post does for the veterans, what programs you participate in, etc. 
Check out MyLegion.Org. You may access it from The American Legion's National web site.